ROAD TRIP (for real!!!!)

Liz and I are embarking on what we consider to be our very first “Road Trip.”   How do we define that?   Well, remembering the 4 Retirement Rules that guide us, we have plotted out the following (being careful to not let ANY of that rise to the level of a PLAN or a SCHEDULE).

The Retirement Rules we live by: 1) If you don’t have to be anywhere…You can’t be lost. 2) If you have no set schedule…You can’t be late. 3) If you have no Plan… There are no snafus. 4) If you have no expectations…You can’t be disappointed.

We are heading to Pine Mountain Georgia (about 90 minutes Southwest of Atlanta).   Liz spotted an announcement for a Rally of Bluebird RV Owners.  There will be 150+ old (and some newer) Bluebirds in attendance. (A FLOCK of BLUEBIRDS – thanks to Mary Lewis for the pun!)  We thought:  We can meet some people and learn some things.  Sounds like a really good idea since we are considering a wide range of improvements to the bus.  Especially replacement of the carpet,  which Liz continues to hate.  Why not see what others have done and learn from their experience (and mistakes)?

On the way to the rally (21-25 October) we thought we could:

Visit an Amish furniture factory in Indiana that specializes in Sooper-comfy Recliners for RVs.

There is some irony in this as the Amish don’t drive and their factory does not have a phone inside – it has a phone booth outside.  And, I learned about this factory via the Google Machine!!! Anyway,  Liz has claimed the bus’ couch.  The chairs are quite uncomfortable for lounging (built for someone 5’8” max),  so we thought my ass ought to be comfortable too.  And the Elkhart/Goshen/Topeka Indiana area (RV Mfg. Capital of the world)  is right on the way to Georgia.  Well sort of…

Visit Liz’s brother in Atlanta.

In fact,  we are going to deliver  a fish tank from our “inventory” and help Liz’s nephews get hooked on the hobby!!! Not sure David and/or Stephanie will ever speak to us again,  but heck…isn’t that what Uncles and Aunts do?  Swoop in,  drop a bomb,  teach a few choice vocabulary words, feed chocolate and Mountain Dew and then leave…   And, BTW,  that is one less tank that we will need to dispose of as we remodel and retask our building in Chicago!

Possibly stop for a day or two in the Smokey Mountains between the above.

And,  on the way back,  possibly swing through Pittsburgh

This so our good friends the McDowells can pay off on Mike’s sadly foolish Baseball bet (Primo Steak cooked by the loser – that would be Mike – with all the fixin’s).  We think we had better collect right away as Mike is getting older and his memory fails him sometimes — esp. about losing bets.  Even better if we happen to be watching the WORLD SERIES at the time.    GO CUBS!!!

Leaving 12 October and back sometime around Halloween.

We see this as a model for all future road trips,  actually.

  • Maybe a loose destination and time in mind
  • Stop lots of places between
  • Make sure there are some friends we can break bread and drink with along the way.
  • NEVER program the whole route into the GPS…just make general progress in generally the right direction.
    In fact,  maybe we don’t even NEED a GPS?
  • Make sure that there is no overriding reason to be home on or by a certain date.
    (We sold all possible conflicting Blackhawks tickets!!!)

We’ll publish updates and photos along the way.  Stay tuned!!!



9 thoughts on “ROAD TRIP (for real!!!!)

  • Sounds like loads of fun! So glad that you were able to share in the celebration of Christine’s birthday last night. It was great to see so much family celebrating together.
    Increasing comfort in your new home on wheels and watching the Cubs win the series are both laudable goals. May both goals be met with fabulous success!
    I look forward to seeing the updates of your adventures.

  • Sounds like a hoot! Have a blast you two! But as long as the Jays are in it the Cubs will have to play second fiddle in our books.

    Chuck and Gera

  • Sounds like a great trip. Tell Mike and Fran I said hello. We are looking forward to your West Coast swing. Just give us fair warning we you are coming.

  • A state- and province-wide APB has been put out on the two of you.

    Sorta reminds me of the Blues Brothers!

    Drive safely.

  • What a fun way to stay in touch-Dan , you and Liz have a great plan…no schedules-no timelines-no stress! And, BTW, big hellos to my old friends Dan Ray and Steve Altbaum! Of course, please let us left coasters know when you’re swinging by our way and we can have some laughs together. Hugs all around from Santa Cruz and give our love to the McDowells too.

  • Sure, just leave with a big “PUBLIC NOTICE” sign out front. #theregoestheneighborhood 😀 Just kidding. Excited to read about your adventures! Please play “La cucaracha” for me.

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