Our Friend – RIP

We had to put our best friend, travel companion, protector and gentle soul, Heddy,  down today.  She was 14.  Increasingly immobile,  unable to do stairs and even to stand up on our slippery floors.  At night,  when her legs twitched involuntarily as she dreamed,  we KNEW she was chasing her nemeses – mailmen and rabbits.  Where she is now,  they are less safe but she is happier.

Heddy Our Friend
Heddy 2002-2015 RIP
Even though the house feels VERY empty, our new lifestyle does not allow for rescuing another.   As if to help with the transition,  it will be months if not longer before the large balls of Heddy-hair stop floating out from under the sofa…as though she were still here.    

No doubt,  she is now spending her days barking at Liz’s father (and receiving cookies in return).

18 thoughts on “Our Friend – RIP

  • Very sorry to hear about Heddy. I know she was a bit part of your family. Annie (our yellow lab) is almost 12. I know we will have to deal with her health in the next couple of years.

  • We are so sorry to hear about Heddy and are thinking of you both! The thought about her barking for cookies from dad made me smile, though. I’m am certain she has reunited with her cookie supplier 🙂

  • My eyes well up with tears as I read this. I was just petting her last night! She is in a happy place now. You shared many wonderful years together, it didn’t make sense to see her suffer. Still a tough decision, I know.
    May she rest in peace.

  • I agree with Ellen, I know that Bailey must have been missing his dog cousin and is probably very happy to see her! I imagine that they are romping around together happily and pain-free. But while Bailey keeps her company, we will all miss her very much! She was the best dog!

  • Heddy will be greatly missed. She “trained” me how to not be afraid of dogs by being her gentle and friendly self. Thank you Dan and Liz for sharing Heddy with us.

  • Sorry to hear about Heddy. I know how much you loved her and how much you will miss her. Tough decision, but most likely the right one.

  • My condolences to you, Dan and Liz, for your loss. As noted last week, Heddy, not only got in all of her at-bats, she also played well into extra innings.

  • So sorry to hear about your loss, Dan and Liz. I know that the decision to put down a pet is a very hard one and I sympathize with you in that processing. I will miss Heddy and her welcoming affection. May she enjoy her journeying in her new home. Blessings to you both as you grieve.

  • Dan and Liz
    So very sorry to hear about Heddy. Hope she is in a happier, pain free place…well stocked w aging mailmen. Tracy and I are thinking about you and sending good wishes.

  • Irreplaceable. What a faithful pal. Heddie is now liberated from a limiting body. And you two are now positioned for a different life. Our heart is with you as you make this big transition without Heddie
    Hugs from the Adirondacks
    Stefania snd JC

  • Oh, I’m so sorry to hear Heddy has gone from this place. She was a beautiful dog and wonderful companion. Condolences, Julie

  • Liz and Dan:
    Even tho I sent you an e-mail yesterday I feel just as awful today! I am happy for Heddy – she is probably having a wonderful time keeping Doggie Heaven safe from mailmen, delivery people and anybody else who dares to disturb her nap! She’s using her free time looking for the “Cookie Man.”
    Hope you two are coping.

    XOX Mom

  • Just learned the news about your beloved Heddy. I am SO sorry for your loss…always looked forward to the greeting I received every time I climbed the stairs to your home. She will be missed. Thinking of you both!

  • Dan and Liz, We are so sorry about the loss of dear Heddy. She was a loyal companion and protector, and just such a good girl. We enjoyed taking care of her and are sad that both she and Bailey are gone. Our favorite memory is of when Heddy and Bailey would chase, leap on and bite each other in an exuberant “Welcome to Twin Lakes” dance. Heddy, like Mooch before her, will be greatly missed.

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