We are Liz and Dan Harris.

We have worked and lived in Chicago for 30+ years.

Our professional lives have been richly rewarding, intellectually and emotionally stimulating.

Our next “job” (being retired) promises to be even MORE of all of that as we travel, observe and experience everything in the world and in life.

Organizations are still asking Dan to speak on Strategic Technology Vision for Businesses… Occasionally the definition of “Retirement” can be stretched to include such requests. Don’t hesitate to ask about our availability. We LOVE reasons to be with interesting people in interesting places!!

You can reach us in a variety of ways:

By Email:  dharris@strategicgeek.com or lharris@strategicgeek.com
By Posting:  You can REPLY to our Musings and postings…
By Subscribing:  The Newsletters you will receive have additional contact details

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  • Hi Liz and Dan, my name is Chris. I’m so impressed by your blog, what great adventures you’re having and sharing. I would love to connect with you as I am also a Chicago native and possibly involved in a house arrangement you’re familiar with. How can we touch base (also, the writeup sold us ). -Chris

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