Oooops. Every trip has one (Apparently)

OOOOppps.  Clearly,  every trip is gonna have one.  Sometimes it may relate to the bus itself.  Sometimes to the accoutrements.  On this particular sojourn,  a couple already.

Ooops #1.  The VERY FIRST toll booth (on the Chicago Skyway) would not accept our iPass.  Stuck.  Truck behind.  Barricade ahead.   “Help” button returns “All agents are serving other customers.  CLICK.”    Can’t back up.  Can’t go forward.    Finally,  the truck got tired of waiting and went to a different lane.  We backed up a little so Liz could walk in front of the bus and hold up the iPass under the antenna. Not so much “holdup” as break into a dance routine.

Anyway,  it worked.   Now accepted,  and remembering to let Liz re-board,  we are off.

OOOooops #2. But, not before Dan drove the extended step into a curb passing excitedly through the toll booth..  Won’t retract now.  Doesn’t look too bent…Oh goody,  something to fix.

The next Oooops.  Rapid fire on this trip.  Now,  on the cosmic scale of “ooops,” this one is arguably BAD.  Or NOT BAD.  Depends on perspective.

The oops:  we loaded up the bus. Carefully Remembering everything.  EXCEPT THE TV.  Well,  we remembered it…but at South Bend.    2+ hours into the trip.  Not going back (never go back!).  Now,  that might not ordinarily be too bad,  but we were planning to watch the Cubs Playoff game from a random Walmart parking lot.  From my NEW RECLINER (which we did acquire from the Amish).    So,  what now?

Well,  Liz saved the day.  She remembered the a Hawks playoff game, which we watched in Southern Indiana last April.  At a Buffalo Wild Wings.  We found one in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  And it was FULL of big screen TVs and CUBS FANS.  Problem solved.    GO CUBS!!!!  Next,  I will talk to the manager to see if we can remain in their lot all night.  Otherwise we still have to find that random Walmart.

Since we forgot the TV , but remembered Liz’s Wii Fit,  I wonder if BWW will let Liz connect in the morning to work out?

1 thought on “Oooops. Every trip has one (Apparently)

  • GO Dan & Liz. The Cubs won and you saw it on TV, but do you miss being home and “breathing it”?
    Enjoy the trip and the experience. Don’t hurt anyone with your driving.

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