Light at the end of the Tunnel?

For the first time,  the mechanic for our new ride has uttered the following words:

“I believe we can see light at the end of the tunnel now…”

This came at the end of an email where he outlined a laundry list of things yet to be done (electric upgrade, generator gas tank, dash A/C, belts &/or hoses on the engine, a couple air system issues, several small items on the to do list and a few puzzles they have uncovered ).  Costs for these things are getting smaller and smaller.  And the “things” are interspersed with statements like:

“At this point, the engine cooling system is intact, operating at a normal temperature (180).”

We are thinking that the ride will be in our possession just after Memorial Day IF we can resolve one remaining snafu

As of MAY 22 We don’t have Title yet!

We can’t register the bus and get new plates until the Title has officially been signed over to us.  And that can’t be done until we HAVE a Title.

It seems the original title is lost.  The former owner (we DO have a Bill of Sale!) applied almost a month ago (April 9)  for a Duplicate Title.  Since the original predates (by at least a couple DECADES) the digital title system,  the Secretary of State has to dig through old paper records in order to issue the duplicate.

We were not even sure HOW to follow up on this.   On 19 May, when I called the SoS office (the secondary meaning of that acronym cannot be a coincidence…) they continued to refer me to the DIGITAL SYSTEM to see the status of the request.  Which,   of course,  until the request is completed HAS NO STATUS TO REPORT.    I am getting a bit dizzy…

We KNOW that the application was started.  The Bluebird’s former owner applied in person and provided me with a copy of the cancelled (on April 10) check.   Confronted on 20 May with that information,  the SoS said that there was NO RECORD of the application.   I am sensing a new strategy for balancing the State’s huge budget deficit…cash the check and provide no service.  (Sorry,  I try to stay away for politics on this website).

Finally (20 May),  the SoS provided me a “Lost Document”  fax number,  to which I was instructed to send a copy of the cancelled check and a letter describing the situation.  No followup phone number as you cannot apparently talk to a “Lost Document Person.”

Given experience to date with the duplicate title process,  on 21 May I called again the SoS office to followup on the mysterious Lost Document process.  The SoS agent who took my call opened a “work Order” for the Lost Document people to actually do something with the fax.  She again said there was no way for me to followup on this work order…

Then late yesterday (21 MAY)  a phone call:  THE TITLE HAD BEEN ISSUED.    (It is “in the mail”)

We don’t have it yet…it still has to go to the original owner who has to sign it over to us. That process is at least more or less in our control as we know the former owner and he wants us to drive the bus!!!!!   We are still hopeful that the Title and the mechanical completion will arrive somewhat concurrently.  Which will likely be EARLY JUNE!!!

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