2 thoughts on “Immutable Law(s) of Vintage Diesel RV Ownership (and life)

  • Karl’s Law of Puddles-under-the-bus

    From our current friend and ex-client Karl. Karl had a vintage RV at one time. Well, I should clarify that the RV (and Karl) at the time were NOT vintage, but they are now. At least we assume the RV is; Karl no longer owns it (making him even wiser!). His wisdom and knowledge have survived his ownership of said RV and developed a certain patina with his vintage-ness. He has chosen to share a bit with us:

    KARL’S LAW #1: If it is not leaking, it is probably empty.
    COROLLARY to KARL’S LAW #1: If it is empty, something is about to stop working.

    Karl’s advice, therefore: a few puddles under the bus are NOT a bad thing!!

    As a metaphor for life: Don’t sweat the little things. It can always be worse.


  • 4 Heat Sources

    We attended a seminar at a recent Bluebird Rally. The topic was “How to Heat the Bus.” We had understood this to mean how one troubleshoots and maintains the propane furnaces. It was SO MUCH MOIRE. Turns out there are no less than FOUR ways to heat the bus. From the instructor:

    1) Propane Furnaces (There are 3 of these)
    2) Electric Furnaces (There are 3 of these!)
    3) Engine Heat (There are several extra places where engine heat can be used)
    4) The Round Black Things…

    I must admit, when the instructor mentioned #4, I was puzzled. I didn’t remember a switch or a thermostat labeled this way. Nor did I see anything in the manual. THinking these were something else I needed to check and possibly fix, I asked: where are these and how do you use and maintain them?

    He said, they are on the bottom of the coach, and you use them to drive someplace warmer. He was referring, of course, to the tires!

    As a metaphor for life: If your surroundings are not pleasant, MOVE!

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