Italy, 2007

26-27 October: LV Chicago OHare 26 October AA Flite 0110 3:35 PM Arrive Rome 7:50 AM 27 October
27-28 October: Star Hotel Metropole Via Principe Amedeo 3 Rome
29-31 October: La Palma Via Vittorio Emanuele 39 Capri
31 October – 01 November: Grand Hotel Assisi Via F.lli Canonichetti Assisi
1-3 November: Plaza Piazzale Stazione 36 Venice-Mestre
3-5 November Settentrionale Esplanade (Tuscany/Florence/Pisa) Viale Grocco 2 Montecatini Terme-pt
5-6 November Visconti Palace Via Federico Cesi 37 Rome
7-12 November JHI CONFERENCE Rome Marriott Grand Hotel Flora Via V. Veneto, 191 – 00187 Roma
LV Rome 12 November AA Flite 0111 11:00AM Arrive Chicago 2:55 PM 12 November

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28 October

We are sitting at a sidewalk cafe near the Vatican. I thumbed my nose @ the pope for you (picture to follow).


2 November 2007

Our tour guide told us today that Venice floods (up to the knees in St. Mark’s Square) 200 days each year…and every day in November. Funny, the tour books did not mention this litrtle caveat about visiting Venice… The Italians gave us Fiats and cities built on swamps.

Today it was sparkling clear and no flood. The Italians gave us Ferraris and Michaelangelo.

It is a country of contradiction.


6 November

New being 15th Century. Old is 100 A.D. or before. Liz remembers reading an article about an archaeological “find” when renovating a section of the Wrigley Field Outfield — the remains of an ancient Bears Goal Post! Dating from the late 1950’s. A.D. We suffer from a terrific lack of perspective in the U.S. of A.

I am happy to report that there are more flavors and purveyors of Gelato here than anywhere else in the world. Kinda makes you wonder why anyone would want to leave the “old” world for the new!

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