Bluebird Soon Come!

Looks like we might be driving down to St. Louis to pick up our BB soon. Maybe as soon as the 3-4th of June.

Bus is basically operational. Title has been received in St. Louis. Unfortunately, our main contact is out of town this week. He mailed to the actual owner (his father-in-law, George) and George COULD easily sign title over to us and mail. Which means we COULD come to have it in our hands by the end of this week so we can buy plates. Or, George could sit on the title or just not rush to forward. None of which implies a problem, just logistics and priorities.

Our first trip will be to attempt to get it from St. Louis to Antioch, Il. (Wisconsin Border) where we intend to store it and work on it. That is an AMBITIOUS 5-hour drive!! We are QUITE nervous about it. We will do it in a caravan and we will have a newly-purchased roadside assistance policy at the ready.

All of the above could easily get pushed to the following week (about 8-12 June).. In fact that may prove to be the best scenario as we need to be in MPLS on 5 June…we might just do a three-legged trip. Chicago—Minneapoils—St.Louis—Chicago(Antioch).

Once in Antioch, we intend to park and LEARN about it. Push buttons and wait for noises (good or bad). And possibly replace/repair a few coach-things. For example, skylights/vents are cracked. I have researched this problem…there is a special “High-Velocity-Bluebird-Repair-Tape” for temporary repair to prevent leaks (AKA Duct Tape). Liz wants assurance that this special tape will not become permanent 😉

I am sure the carpet will be replaced pretty soon, as well (some of you may remember this was a particular item of emphasis for Liz…)

We THINK our first “actual” trip might be to Minnesota around the 4th of July.

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