Road Trip #1 Part 2 (Revelations)

We have traveled as far as Frankfort Kentucky.  It is here we learned an apparently immutable law of the universe:

Chicago sports teams CANNOT LOSE when we watch them on TV at Buffalo Wild Wings. 

Here is our evidence;  see if you agree.

Last spring,  we watched Blackhawks Playoff Hockey at BWW in Seymore Indiana.  It was the only place we could find that had the NHL package (hockey not so big in southern Indiana).  They didn’t know the channel,  but they looked it up and put it on for us.  You may recall that 2015 playoffs went pretty well for the Blackawks.  Now,  I don’t want to say we and BWW are RESPONSIBLE for the 2015 Stanley Cup…

But wait,  there is more evidence…

Yesterday,  we watched the Cubs from a BWW near Fort Wayne.  They won.  

From our friend Keith:  “I hear Cardinal tastes like Chicken…GO CUBS!!!.

Not yet convinced?  Today,  we watched the Cubs from a BWW in Frankfort Kentucky.  They won, proving the Cardinals totally surmountable.

I am thinking that all is pretty conclusive….anyway,  conclusive enuf that we will NOT mess with this JuJu.

Lucky for the Cubs and for long-suffering Cubs nation,  we will be in the South until Late October.  We will catch every possible game at BWW.  If the World Series goes into November,  we will extend our stay near or below the Mason Dixon line.   WE WILL DO OUR PART.


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  • Hi Guys, You are a couple of good luck charms! I would imagine once people recognize your bus your fans will be following you just to get a little bit of that charm.. will be

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