22 April

Spent some considerable effort looking for storage in the Chicagoland area.  It is ILLEGAL to park such a vehicle in a residential neighborhood,  even if one were fortunate enough to find a space (well,  actually,  4 contiguous spaces!).  TO solve this problem,  we again turned to our circle of friends and sympathizers.  Our missive:

We need a place, preferably indoors, to park this thing for 12-18 months.    Our ideal situation would be an indoor (covered  but not necessarily heated) space where we could access the beast  — in-out for trips, but also to do some work on it.  The work would be NOT messy…no engine work but rather interior mods,  installing electronics, etc.    We don’t need 24 hour access,  though weekend access would be helpful.  We would hope to have access to electric (for tools,  not a hook up for the RV).  The only requirement is indoor storage would need a 12’ high door (the vehicle is 33’  long and 8’ wide).  We need this space for approx. 12-18 months,  beginning May-15-ish.   

Perhaps you have a client with an underutilized warehouse, distribution center, factory who has an overhead door and a little extra space.  Maybe an auto garage or carwash with some extra space in a corner.  Maybe real estate that might be empty in anticipation of redevelopment (at least a year out).  Heck…a pole barn,  or a little land where we could erect a shed.   We’d  be GREAT tenants.  Quiet, pay rent, barter services (I got skills) or ???  

We would also be interested in secure OUTDOOR parking.  Especially if we could erect a canvas shed or tent-ish thing.   Frankly,  we are LIKELY to end up with just plain old outdoor storage since we don’t have a big budget for indoor.  But it never hurts to ask.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this.  We would truly appreciate an introduction,  if you can imagine a situation that might work.   

We did get several offers of assistance and we are SOOO grateful for all of those who stepped up.  Our decision to park RV WHERE YET at “Funtimes RV Center” in Antioch Illinois came down to a simple calculation:  There they have not only parking,  but also a shop and mechanics.  We concluded that such a RELATIONSHIP was going to be more important in the long run than simply a parking spot.

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