Maintenance Focus

Late April

The maintenance needs for “RV Where Yet” are coming into focus.  Basically, everything works.  So we are mainly making decisions about pre-emptive (proactive) maintenance vs. fixing things that break when they break.  Helping us to make these decisions are the following parameters:

  • If it is a safety issue,  we fix it now.  For example,  replacing tires, brakes and the entire brake systems (hoses,  air bladders, etc.)
  • If it will leave us stranded when it breaks.  For example,  the transmission, issues with the fuel system, etc.
  • If neither of the above are true,  then it depends on how much money we have left!

So,  the fact that the ancient-and-no-longer-made generator actually does run and does produce 110v AC  means we leave it alone save some minor maintenance.  ESPECIALLY since it has less than 200 hours of operation since built,  and should last for 10,000 hours.  I am accumulating a few parts for it that we can put in a box (head gasket, thermostat, carb kits, fuel pump, brushes) since these are becoming very scarce.  But a broken generator will not strand us.

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