Summer Dreams…

4 parking spaces—RIGHT IN FRONT!

We are beginning the next leg of our trip (is it a trip?  Or is it just life…beginning the next leg of our life?) with a few “plans.”  Plans being a very loose term in our vocabulary.  Describing more of a direction and date-range than anything VERY specific. Lots of flexibility in route and stops.   

The trip began with an EXCELLENT omen.  I had arranged for parking near Wrigley with a woman who has a lot – unused when Cubs are away.  But, we were able to secure 4 parking spots in a row,  directly in front of our apartment to facilitate loading the bus.  That NEVER happens on our street!

Generally speaking,  we are continuing our loop of North America, proceeding counter-clockwise across the Northern Tier.   Between now and Thanksgiving, here’s our route (which we provide in advance in case anyone wants to meet us somewhere for some “Stoop-sitting”):

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June 15-21  Millersburg/Berlin Ohio for a Bluebird Rally.  Fun to meet people with old buses.  I know,  sounds weird,  but trust me…it’s FUN.

July 2-8  Chatauqua, NY. National Geographic Seminar series AND progressive Dinners with the McDowells.

July 9-17 Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  JHI Meeting.  JHI is the international group my company belonged to over the years, and for which we have travelled extensively and through which we have met MANY friends all over the world.  I am speaking at their Americas Conference  — and in return JHI is picking up our Bar Tab.  It has been pointed out that I WIN ON THAT EXCHANGE.

July 19-22  Cottage Country in Northern Ontario. Visiting a friend, we get our first taste of the TransCanada Hwy. Eventually, we plan a trip to Alaska.

July 23-26 Toronto, Ontario Canada. More fiends to visit.  Note that “fiends” was a typo but upon reflection,  one I decided not to correct…

July 30 Chicago for the 3600 Magnolia BLOCK PARTY (28th anniversary of the Block Party where I met my bride in 1989!)

August 2-4  Monroe Wisconsin with friends and native (Monroe) son Rich (and Becky) Beem.

August 16-22 Casper, Wyoming. Bluebird Rally and total eclipse of the sun.

August 28-Sept.5  Yellowstone Park (including 3 nights in the park)

Sept. 6-12  Idaho (Boise, McCall, etc.) visiting college buddy and fellow skin-head (which refers to our baldness, not our politics), Dick (and Tyra) Stubbs. 

Sept. 15?  Vancouver???

Sept 30->??? Vancouver Island???

Oct.–>Nov. 15 Driving South along the Pacific Coast.

Bus to be stored in Los Angeles area around Nov 20.  Then,    Fly home for – Dentists, Doctors AND BURRITOS.

If YOUR whereabouts might (or could, with some finagling) coincide with any of the above at the same (or similar) times, PLEASE CONTACT US. We can coordinate timing and lodging (assuming you don’t want to sleep on the top of the bus) since many RV places have cottages.  We’d LOVE to meet up




2 thoughts on “Summer Dreams…

  • Dan,

    Enjoyed your up-dates!

    Did you know you can get on Lake Street in Chicago and drive all the way to Buffalo Wyoming and still be on Lake Street which I think is also Route 20.

  • Hey guys. Had I only known!!!!! Was in Chicago June 9-14. Matthew and Holly had a baby girl, Betsy Madeline on June 7. So now I am a first time grandpa. I thought you were on the road.

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