The Trip “Plan”

Liz and I have been discussing a trip to Paris for our 25th Wedding Anniversary (23 Feb. 2016).  Well,  actually,  Liz has been strongly suggesting and I have been listening, which might be one of the reasons we have arrived at this auspicious occasion!

Although we try not to PLAN, this was the "Plan"
Although we try not to PLAN, this was the “Plan”


Anyway,  air flights are booked — 20 Feb—>16 March.   Our plan is to stay in Paris for 5 days.  Then we are going to drive a counter-clockwise circle ending up in Paris for our return flite.  In between,  we have only a few things booked (or imagined). We are really trying to live by our “Laws of Retirement.”  In this case:  in  the absence of a plan,  you cannot be late, lost or disappointed


There are a few things that we do know:

  1. We are going to Roanne,  where there is a 3-star restaurant recommended to us by several friends.
  2. We are going to follow in a rough fashion a list of suggested places to see in France, which was given to us by our good friends Alain and Karen.  This included Lyon, Avignon, Nîmes, Arles and moreAs a backup (enhancement?) to this list,  I rented a FRENCH CAR under the assumption that IT, at least, will know where to go!
  3. We will end up in Austria for several days, visiting our good friends the Schreiners and Brigitta Promberger.  Brigitta offered her daughter’s room (she is away at school) and her expertise in wine, music and other aspects of a good time.We will also see all that we can of the “Sound Of Music” sights (Liz’s favorite movie).
  4. We are thinking we might stop in both Monaco and Liechtenstein.  They are on the way to Austria and…just because!

It’s an AMBITIOUS lack-of-plan, but I think we can handle it!

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