Monaco…what a WEIRD Place

We took the train today to Monaco. It’s about 30 minutes from Nice, but might as well be another planet.

We Spent the morning wandering the marina where the superyachts of the rich and famous are moored. Saw the Casino, the streets where the Grand Prix happens. There were two Rolls Royces dropping people off at the casino, and several Ferraris and Lamborghinis noisily announcing their presence.  There was a yacht store. By appointment only. I am sure to get an appointment they would need to verify the size of your bank account.

All I can think is “What a weird place.”

38,000 people live in Monaco. All of them rich and living there for the favorable tax environment. It costs $4k/day to moor your Yacht – and that is offseason. During the Grand Prix, the same spot costs $100K per week. 30,000 people A DAY commute from Nice and the surrounding

Liz's Real World Solution to our Ancient Toilet in Nice!
Liz’s Real World Solution to our Ancient Toilet in Nice!

area to service the rich and famous in the Casino and in restaurants, cleaning and servicing boats, cooking, etc. We met an Irish woman on the train. She said she HATED Monaco (but obviously made her living there).


It was nice to get back on the train to the real world.

Liz DID solve one of our real-world problems, though, while we were in Monaco. We picked up several doggie-poop sacks from dispensers outside the Casino. I am sure these are meant for the Poodles of the rich and famous. However, we intend to keep them handy in case the ancient and decrepit plumbing in our studio fails us.



SO many flavors,  so little time
SO many flavors, so little time

This afternoon, we intend to hike back into the old city area near our place. Dan is going to stick his toe in the Mediterranean. Then we are going to have more sushi, dinner in another local seafood place and, of course, gelato.


Tomorrow we move on. Our schedule has congealed.

  • We are travelling from Nice to Verona and staying 2 nights,
  • Then from Verona to Munich, where we are spending one night only, but having dinner with an old family friend. This was a late add to our itinerary when I realized we COULD hit Munich on the way to Austria (sort of).
  • Then we drive to Salzburg for one just night.
  • Then to Liezen to meet more old friends for lunch on 9 March.

We are staying in Austria in total for 5 days, so I am SURE we will be back to Salzburg.  This one night stop is just to make it short to Liezen for lunch. I found a Salzburg AIRBNB for $31!!   Could its toilet work any worse that the one here in Nice?


3 thoughts on “Monaco…what a WEIRD Place

  • I told you there are NO calories in French food. It appears that you are eating your way through So. France.
    When we were there a few years ago, we stayed in “modern” hotels. They were good, yours are more “homey”. Hope you brought a plunger. The food there is soooo good. Is the Casino elegant now? When we were there it was only open in one room because of its condition. Gelato is required for daily living.

    • Hi Larry! We are not even staying in “homey” hotels. We are staying in homes! (Airbnb). Some are really nice — full aprtments with all the necessities. The one in Nice is not as nice (sorry, could not resist) but adequate and VERY well located. The main casino was not open when we got there (Opened at 2:00 and we were there in the AM), so we entered some peripheral ones. So we did not get the full “Monte Carlo” experience. But based on what I saw, it looked quite elegant.

      And yes, Gelato is Life. I had Gelato 3 times yesterday, and we are not even in Italy yet.

  • Your pictures are really good. However, it seems that there are generally 2 types of pictures. Either you are eating something, or pointing at something. What would you do without your fingers?

    Keep the pictures coming. Tell Liz she should look for a younger man.

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