Enjoying Austria (A LOT!)

We drove from Munich to Salzburg, Leizen and then on to Linz. Scenery just as stunning as we saw previously. I told our friends in Leizen that they live in possibly the most beautiful place on Earth!

Enjoying an unfiltered Blonde Ale in Salzburg
Enjoying an unfiltered Blonde Ale in Salzburg

We stopped overnight in Salzburg. Wandered around. Had a couple meals. A really beautiful place. The afternoon we arrived, it was rainy and foggy…we could not see much of the surrounding area. So we focused on the old town area (featured prominently in Sound of Music) and a couple of really nice meals. The next morning was bright and sunny… and revealed STUNNING scenery surrounding the town. There are spectacular hills that rise up hundreds of feet IMMEDIATELY adjacent to the town. Like STRAIGHT UP. Like when you look up, the height tricks your eyes and you think the hills might actually be hanging over the town. With evergreens and snow.

Next we drove on to Leizen for lunch with some old friends from business travel – the Schreiners. I first discussed with Gunther whether we should force the GPS to take us through the mountains on smaller roads (vs. the Motorway). He assured me there was no snow, even at the higher elevations, to be concerned with. Boy was this a good decision. Again, STUNNING scenery as we wind through the Alps on the way to Leizen from Salzburg. Elevations as high as 3500m (and that was the pass between peaks).

We had lunch at a local place high above Leizen. Then back to their house for coffee and dessert (homemade apple strudel).   For perspective, I include a couple pictures taken out their home and office windows, and by the restaurant. Imagine trying to get some work done with that in your face!  Of course,  this from a guy who’s office was in a basement for the past 15 years…


Brigitta and Herman - Dinner over Linz
Brigitta and Herman – Dinner over Linz

Then, on to Linz to meet our friend Brigitta and her friend Herman. After finding her place, navigating parking and getting settled (and also navigating some beer and appetizers they had ready) they took us to dinner.   This was at an old place overlooking Linz (overlooking by about 1000 ft).   Then back downtown for a nightcap (or several). Haven’t been out ‘til 1:30 since…well I can’t remember when.

Today we drove to the Salzkammergut area. The drive through again (still, ho hum) spectacular scenery with mountain lakes, snow-covered peaks and post card towns. Salzkammergut includes a Cable car to the top – a ski area that is at about 2,800m. It has one of the longest ski runs IN THE WORLD at 11km. We took said car and walked around at the top…an absolutely clear day…fairly warm. Sat in the sun and had a bowl of beef-pancake soup. Then we went to Bad Ischl, which is a spa area where the Emperor Franz Joseph spent summers.

We are here for 3 more days. Tomorrow we are going to do some stuff in Linz, including a city tour. Saturday I think we are going to take the train to Vienna with Brigitta and Herman for the day.

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