Stunning, Spectacular Drive

SOMOK.  I didn’t take this photo.  After all,  I was driving and Liz was gawking. Mountains left and right. On Monday we drove from Verona to Munich. In between the scenery was possibly the most beautiful anywhere.    It was about a 5 hour drive.  Fresh snow. Postcard Italian and Austrian towns. You could hear Maria singing (or, maybe it was Liz?).   So I was certainly THINKING this photo.   ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR almost the entire way.

Once in Munich, we met some family friends for a short tour and then a Bavarian Dinner. With a Bavarian beer, of course. Pretty awesome stuff.  A bit on the “filling” side,  I should probably mention.

Today we are in Salzburg.  Just a stopover on the way to meeting friends.  Beautiful town.  More of Liz dreaming of “Climbing Every Mountain…”

1 thought on “Stunning, Spectacular Drive

  • Dear Dan and Liz,

    So glad to hear that you are enjoying all the sights! We will miss you on Sunday as we dance the afternoon away at the Willowbrook ballroom. Can’t wait to see you back in dance class. We miss you both!

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