Washington D.C.

We visited Washington D.C. to help my Great-Aunt Marilee move. This was a somewhat “forced” situation as her Retirement Community was closing for construction. Management offered to pickup all the costs for her move to another of their buildings, where they prepared a similar combination of two units. Inasmuch as Marilee is 102 years young, we thought she could probably use bit of assistance getting moved and organized.

Well, the move went off ALMOST without a hitch.  Trucks came and went, belongings were loaded and unloaded.  Cabinets needed handles and under-cabinet lights we installed.   In the process,  we also switched her phone and internet from Verizon to Comcast — most can relate to the aggravation of dealing with ONE of those companies, let alone both in the same week.

At the end of a week, Liz and I needed a vacation. Marilee, on the other hand, was ready to hit the ground running in her new apartment and Studio.

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