Naming Contest

16 April — Naming Contest!

The RV came to us named: “Charlie’s Angel.”  This presented us with a dilemma.  EITHER I could change my name to “Charlie” or the Bus needs a new name.    Actually,  THAT decision was simple.  I already have an angel.  So the bus gets a new name.

We opened this problem in the form of a contest to our world-wide group of friends.  We got some GREAT suggestions.

Interstate Explorer 15 (IE15 – a little geeky)
H-BOMB  (as in “da bomb” not  “end-of-the-world-THE bomb”)
Sacajawea  (since we will certainly need guidance)
Are We Where Yet?
Delta  (We’d use a “Delta” symbol) Attitude
For Play

We then submitted the top several to a vote.  the CLEAR winner was:


And this “theme” is now carried on in the URL for this website:  “AreWeWhereYet.Us”

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