The New Normal! Road-trip Soirees (and a bit of melancholy)

We’ve spent the past few days hanging out on the Florida and Georgia Coasts.  WITH AN AWESOME TWIST!!!

Our friends,  Barb and Bob White were returning from So. Florida Cruising.  We organized  RV-Parks near Daytona Beach, FLA and Savannah, GA, each of which  had cottages.  We provided pineapple, orange and coconut juice and The Whites brought Pusser’s Rum from St. Thomas — all the requirements for Pusser’s Painkillers.  And we had a perfectly delightful, progressive party for three days!

Beverly Beach Camptown

Our spot in Beverly Beach (near Daytona) was hard up against the beach…with the Whites’ cottage arranged to be two spots down from us.   

Hawks ‘n Surf – Better than On The Glass!

There, we cooked burgers, drank Painkillers and watched Blackhawks smoke the Avalanche on the Satellite…with the surf visible in the background

Then we collectively broke camp and drove a few hours north, where we visited historic Savannah,  Fort Pulaski and Tybee Island Beaches, all short distances from a great RV Park (with cottage)  on Tybee Island.  And, of course, a few more Painkillers! 

Barb and Bob just left this morning and we started to feel a bit melancholy.  It was great to see friends from Chicago — folks we haven’t seen for awhile.  We miss everyone!!!  (though to be honest,  we most miss the burritos from the little place under the “L” at Addison). 

And, even more melancholy… as most of you have probably realized,  the Harrises will not be having any more soirees at 3642 N. Magnolia… 

We have successfully rented our former home!!!  

I wanted to carve out a couple days each year where we could access the deck for soirees — we even promised to invite tenants to our soirees (on their deck)!  Our property manager did not think he could sell this to prospective tenants.  Go Fig’r.    

So, you can see why melancholy happened. Distant friends, the prospects for Soiree-less summers and still no burritos… 

But, our fabulously fun days with the Whites have helped us form a “Plan B,” for seeing friends and for all future events!   Basically,  folks just have to come to us!  Wherever we are (or could be)!    

Remember,  for us,  “the vicinity” just means somewhere on the same side of the continent… Or,  with enough notice,  we can manage to be on that side of the continent!!

Here is how it would (could) work:  We keep you posted on our general whereabouts.  If any place strikes your fancy, let us know.  For example,  let’s say you always wanted to visit Podunk, Mississippi (yikes!).  Or Noplace, Wyoming.   Or,  __________  (fill in the blank!)   And you note we will be in the vicinity.  

Getting a hold of us is easy…comment here, email, text, snapchat, Facebook or call.

All you have to do is get ahold of us and we’ll organize logistics, lodging and all other party requirements, confirming any costs in advance with you.   Then, all that remains is for you (and us) to  show up on the agreed dates at the agreed place!  And party!

We know this can work… we tested this with (on?) the Whites and no jail time was incurred for any of us!

If you think about it,  please bring a burrito!



7 thoughts on “The New Normal! Road-trip Soirees (and a bit of melancholy)

  • Love the idea…..because we would love to see you. Loretta and Walt

    PS Dance class is not the same without you!

  • Wisconsin is nice in the summer. Monroe is my home town, and the breweries and cheese factories are fun to visit. Good bike riding, serious hills or level trails on old railroad right of way, as you prefer. Municipal pool is clean, wholesome, spacious. Madison is popular and just an hour away. Small sights, not big ones. Let’s meet at Baumgartner’s for a cheese sandwich and a root beer or the malted version. I owe you a big one (or three) and the prices are lower than at United Center. Say, on a Saturday in June. Polka Fest on the 10th, balloon fest on the 17th, you pick.

  • Other suggested small-sight places you may wish to visit in your travels: Iowa State, in Ames, should you traverse that section of I-35, pay homage to Grant Wood murals, Christian Peterson sculptures, landscaped central campus. U.S. 61, a great river road, anywhere along the length of that great river. Yes, there are hills and curves in Iowa. Truman Presidential Library in Independence MO, Hoover Lib. in West Branch IA. Nebraska pioneer museums and the Sand Hills. Omaha. (Lincoln is boring in the summer.)

  • Talk about “keep Austin weird,” check out the International Spam Museum in Austin MINNESOTA. Just off the Interstate. Don’t ever hitchhike through there, though, you’ll NEVER get a ride out.

  • Great three days with you guys! Miss seeing you more often.Hard to believe that the 3 of us (Dan was on beers) finished off 2 liters of rum in 3 days of drinking Painkillers! Looking forward to reconnecting sometime in the NEAR future.

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