Our 2018 Plans…

“Plan” is a four letter word,
and it something we try not to do too much or too carefully…


But, when I started to put this post and an associated map (click here, or see below) together, I realized it LOOKS like we have done QUITE A LOT of planning for the two of us,  who have been “going with the flow” for over a year now. So, how come it looks like we have our every step in 2018 carefully choreographed?

What follows is NOT an excuse, merely an explanation!

The reason for putting pins in the map IN ADVANCE has to do with our strategy for 2018.  A “Strategy” is not a plan,  it is a guiding principle.  Our strategy comes from a review of our 2017 … to identify and articulate what was GREAT about our new lifestyle.  And to make 2018 be EVEN BETTER! 

Our analysis (and a certain consumption of adult beverages) surfaced several things we seek to include in our 2018. We realized:

Bluebird Rallies are a heck of a lot of fun.

Rallies are semi-formal gatherings…like conventions.  We have met the most interesting people at rallies,  many of whom are pretty amazing mechanics, having practiced this skill on their old Bluebirds. But even the ones NOT actively fixing their bus (or ours) are great people with amazing skills! For example, Liz is now a knitting MACHINE because of a friend we met at the Casper Eclipse Rally.  So in 2018,  we are attending at least 5 rallies.  And,  speaking of people…

People, more so than Places make for GREAT TIMES

When our path approaches the places where friends from our past live, we have reconnected. And some of those whose company we have not enjoyed for many years.  And FOR sure we have enriched our experience and broadened our perspective with cultures, politics, hobbies, viewpoints, social events and world views different from our own.

We may be retired…

…But the rest of the world, which includes the “competition” for parking, hiking and experiencing places, still works.  Making many places we’d like to visit quite crowded in the summer.   National Parks are full,  RV Facilities are Full.  Roads are full.   Not to mention if we want to see friends who are still working,  we need to “Plan” a weekend visit or an orbital approach during their available time. 

Orbital Overlaps


These happen when friends and family find a way to meet us at a point along our path.  For example,  renting an RV and forming an ephemeral caravan.  Or renting a cabin/yert at a park we are at.  Or just timing a vacation (in a conventional resort or hotel) to coincide with a Close Approach of Los Harris.  We’ve done this a few times in he past…and it has always been memorable.  In order to do more of this,  we have to publish our approximate orbit and potential locations,  in advance,  so others can plan.  

So, we do have some dates and places planned for 2018
       (with a lot of space…both distance and time…between)…

On the map, below, you can: Click on a “Stop Sign” and learn about things we have actually SCHEDULED; Click on “?” marks to see things we might do, or are on the way between stops; or Click on the route itself to see the basic times and destinations involved.   The Map and timeline BEGINS on March 20th in Las Vegas,  and ENDS in Southern Georgia in Late October.  After that,  who knows!

You can click on the “Square” in the top-right corner of the map, below, to see it full-screen.

If you’d like to add a STOP (or at least a Question Mark), you can reply to this post, call us, text us, email us or send smoke signals as we drive by.

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