Wandering Lyon

Today was a day for wandering. All types of wandering.

We first had to repark our car. Apparently (we discovered) the entire City Center is “Payant” parking. Which means “PAY UP” (loosely translated). After lengthy phone and text discussions with our host, we learned that meant regardless of how many euros we wanted to spend, we could only park for 3 hours near our apartment. We needed to drive away from the river and find a spot on a street without “Payant” written on every parking spot. This involved about 30 minutes of cruising, but Dan’s parking Kharma held true and we found a good spot. Good because it was not TOO far, and because there was an EXCELLENT bakery directly on the way back to our apartment.

Of course, that is not hard since there is an excellent bakery on virtually every corner in all of France (at least all we have seen so far).

Next, we wandered across the river (actually two rivers…the Rhône and the Saône). Then up the Funicular to the top of the hill where there is a beautiful church. Then we wandered down the hill through the Rosary Gardens. Wandered around shopping and restaurant areas until we decided Onion Soup would be EXCELLENT on a cold and damp day.

Then we wandered into a particularly excellent-looking bakery, and bought some really yummy looking pizza slices and pastries for an “eat in” dinner. We decided after the “authentic-ness” of last night, we would be a little less adventuresome,  but still more authentic than ordering Dominos. .

We also wandered into a grocery store to buy laundry detergent. Our apartment has a machine, but the detergent bottle was pretty much empty. We wanted to do a couple loads, so we thought we would leave the place stocked for the next inhabitant. We THINK we bought laundry detergent. It could have been toilet bowl cleaner or Shower Gel since there was no internet to translate the bottle. Guess we can always buy clothes if ours dissolve in the machine!

Tomorrow we are leaving Lyon and heading South.  Not sure where the next stop will be.  Several suggestions from friends:  Nimes, Arles, Avignon.  These are all near to each other and all have available AIRBNBs.

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  • The pictures are spectacular! I was particularly taken with the chocolate butterfly dessert. Can’t wait for the next installment. Happy Anniversary!!!

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