Bye Bye, Paris!

So, it is Thursday eve. and we have successfully managed Paris. Hopefully we will also manage leaving Paris (which will happen tomorrow AM by rental car) – with our heads! A lot of people didn’t in former days. But we spent NOT ONE MINUTE in jail and as far as I know, did not leave a residue of angry Parisiennes.

We even found that our complete lack of French language functionality was not a real problem. It was easy to convey IMPORTANT thoughts like: “I’ll have the crepe with Nutella and Banana, Please.” More complicated political and other discussions… well I can’t explain Donald Trump in English either!   But that’s OK. Remember, we were trying to behave ourselves and NOT piss anyone off. Best to leave the politics aside and talk about subjects that are agreeable to all (such as crepes).

We thoroughly enjoyed the city and everything about it, but we are looking forward to a change, and the South of France will be just that.   Our first stop is Roanne (which is about 4 hours driving), and we will be dining at Michelin 3-star Troisgros.   Here I might create the first international incident of our trip…if I should happen to grab the wrong fork for the course (or…egads…order a BEER) you may read about it on the first page of the paper tomorrow!

1 thought on “Bye Bye, Paris!

  • Love the photos. I would have to see the baubles on Liz’s neck to believe it. The selfie is priceless. Enjoy the next leg of your trip. From our experience it is hairy driving in European cities, but the highways outside them are fine. Good luck and enjoy your next stop!

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