Purring down the road.

We are purring down the road.  OK,  maybe “purring” is the wrong word.  Perhaps “Roaring?”  “Clattering?”

On the road begins with dinner with friends.  First in Lafayette, LA with LC Cambre.    LC is a very resourceful prince of a man.  He produced an exquisite meal entirely with a toaster oven and a microwave!  His main stove is a “Magic Chef” that is approximately 70 years old,  and according to LC the oven does not work very well.     Conversation was equally exquisite.  We are now planning to come back to Lafayette for Mardis Gras, and for more exquisite conversation.

Next, we headed west through Texas,  which seems to go on forever (or so we are told).  Our first stop in Texas confirmed some things for us: 

  1. WE ARE IN TEXAS.  We went to a Costco to pick up a couple things.  We asked the manager if we could park overnight in the back of the lot.  He said,  “I don’t see why not, at your own risk of course…it is a reasonable neighborhood,  but our security man leaves at 11:00.”  We talked to security man…he asked if we had “Protection.”  In Texas (Open Carry), I guess,  that is the best way to be safe.  When we said “no” to the protection question,  he smiled,  but I think he now assumed we were from outer space.  Honestly,  the area looked good…lots of shopping malls and traffic…reminded me of Schaumburg right down to the IKEA. We had a great spot in the back of the lot, but it now made Liz nervous to stay here.   
  2. In particular,  Houston.  We opened our APP and found a little “RV and Trailer Park.”  Near the Costco and one space available.  Liz felt better about being with other trailers (who may have the necessary “protection”).  We drove there and found it to be a combination RV park and trailer park…several permanent trailers,  a couple of campers and a fifth-wheel.  All this in the middle of a neighborhood.  Across the street a couple newer, large-ish brick house.  On the block several modest houses.  A Hispanic grocery store.  I cannot imagine this mix of uses in Chicago – but this is what a city with reputedly no zoning laws looks like!!   Anyway,  we pulled in and everything was PERFECT.

While in Houston, we were able to organize breakfast with old friend Jacob Leon.  It was great to catch up! 

We do feel a little like winter is stalking us…
Texas is going to be COLD for a couple days.  That means 25 degrees F at night.  It is amazing how fast one’s blood thins!   This morning, a few hours before we passed through, San Antonio Hiways were reported treacherous – ICING PRECIP.  Déjà vu.   Fortunately,  due to breakfast with Jacob, we missed that fun, and the  Bus is warm enough during the day with engine heat,  and at night the propane furnace.  Worried a little about the valves on the holding tanks,  so we’ll try to stay at parks vs. Walmarts for a couple days, allowing us to leave the valves open and a trickle of water going.   

We are driving west…heading for BIG BEND National Park where we will stay for a FOUR DAYS.  Texas being rather large,  we think it will take us 2-3 days to get there!!!  NO PROBLEM.  No Schedule,  No Plans…

Once we get to the park,  I suspect we will go dark,  internet-wise.  In the meantime,  you can anticipate a sad blog post about a trail of orphan socks.

3 thoughts on “Purring down the road.

  • Welcome to Texas, land of my family. When I had my cousin’s Mercedes — no bragging, here, it was 6 years old at least, at the time and a filthy mess inside. (Some engineers are oblivious to mess as long as the machine in question runs like a dream….) He loaned it to me to drive while I was there and I thought I should reciprocate by gassing up and cleaning up. I don’t think he even noticed that his Concealed Carry license was found in the mess and left on the console when I returned the car to him. Shows how important “protection” or perhaps legal nicities are in the minds of life-long Texans….

  • Good to hear from you. Think I sent a reply but I’m not sure. Anyway it was good to hear from you. Your experience reminds me of Ray’s excuse for not renting a travel van. Obvioùsly he did not want to put up with the unplanned “adventures.”

    Snow and rain in California so watch out for the drivers who don’t know how to cope with slippery roads – just like mpls and chi town.

    XOX Mom

    xox MOM

  • Big Bend: Home of stars (as in Milky Way) and little dark birds that hop in the dust and go WOK in a surprising baritone. Cacti. Take free nature walks with the Park Rangers. Seriously. You’ll stay in Chisos Basin. Take a day trip and drive the Smart car up the tortuous road to Presidiio. Lovely. Enjoy.

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