Can there be too much Serenity? Back to Civilization…

After 4 nights,  we decided we are weary of wilderness. We need some commotion.  Maybe a siren.  Some exhaust fumes!  So we left the park and headed towards El Paso.  Our first thought was to stop there overnight on the way to Tucson to visit friends.  The folks in the RV across from us at the park, however,  described El Paso as the armpit of Texas.  Part of us wanted to experience that, especially after the pristine beauty of the Big Bend Nat’l Park.    The other part wanted a plan “B.”  You can guess which part was whose,  and which won.  Las Cruces, NM.   As we passed through El Paso and near Juarez, we decided we liked Plan B.   

A Town Named: Truth or Consequences. How can we NOT go there?

Once firmly ensconced in the Walmart parking lot @ Las Cruces,  we looked at options for the next couple days. There was actually cell phone and internet service here!!!  We had built some extra time into our wandering, and the question was how to best use it.   Looking at the map, there is a town called “Truth or Consequences, NM.” And it is only an hour north of our current location.    

First,  though, just to confirm our resurfacing into the digital world, we needed to replace the screen on Liz’s brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 phone.  It seems it made a close and abrupt contact with the ground.  There was a place in Las Cruces with the necessary part and expertise. 

We experienced no particular Consequences (That’s the truth). So time to continue onwards towards California. On the way,  Hatch NM…self-anointed Chili Pepper capital of the world.   Our next stopping point:   Tucson, where we met a couple couples (not a typo!) of old friends.  Great to catch up.  Our “plan” for Tucson, at the encouragement of Heidi and Jack Wells was to visit the Arizona-Sonoma Desert Museum on Sunday morning on the way out of town.   Once again,  we are reminded not to plan.  POURING RAIN.  In the desert,  I might add.  Since this museum is 80% outdoors,  we made the decision to put it on the list for a future visit.

In driving a bit around Tucson,  we did get to SEE the desert…and it is quite different from the vast expanse of Texas and New Mexico we crossed. Lots of awesome and BIG cactus…esp. Saguaro.   Old friend Jack Hinkes explained that the desert and some of the abundance of cactus-types are not your friend…as he was attempting to desert-scape a somewhat overgrown area of his property. He described Jumping Cholla as a particular (and painful) nuisance cactus.   Not to mention Rattlesnakes.  

Our next destination is San Diego; however it exceeds our desired distance to travel in one day.  Therefore,  we are going to find a place somewhere between Tucson and SD  — perhaps Yuma.  Unless of course we happen upon a place with a name as consequential, and therefore essential as T&C, NM. 

6 thoughts on “Can there be too much Serenity? Back to Civilization…

  • El Paso is indeed worthy of passing up!
    The desert museum near Tucson is indeed worthy of a detour,
    however, as is Tombstone with the OK Corral. Near there is a fascinating grotto with several rooms and enormous stalactites and stalagmites.

    Bon voyage!

    • The coach is running great. I am learning more and more about it every day. After watching the suspension repair, I was able to figure out how to adjust the air-ride level. I think it was set too low in front. First i had to figure out how to safely jack it up as i am not capable of a 28,000lb bench press. Now i am trying to figure out how the electrical systems work. I have schematics, but we had a modern inverter installed and so the schematics are not entirely accurate anymore. All fun.

  • I have been in El Paso—you missed nothing. You and plan B were better. Rain in the desert is fine. It happened to us once. Glad to hear that we were not totally crazy. Nobody believed us. Thanks Dan.

  • The caverns around Tucson are called Karchner Caverns and they are really amazing but…sounds like you’ve already passed from that area. Too bad-worth putting on the list of “to do’s” for next time. Looks like you’re bound for my little Santa Cruz soonish. Let’s hope you can scare away the rain!!
    Looking forward to our visit

    • Yeah, we have a bunch of stuff to do next time we are in Tucson. But, we got to see friends, which is most important. Speaking of which, can’t wait to “Pasatiempo” 😉

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